Wednesday, 20 July 2016

More four legged work completed.

 It's been busy busy with the artwork at the moment, I don't seem to have enough time! From the new work, first up was Max, my youngest brothers Shih-Tzu. I stayed with the black paper but used watercolour/gouache to bring out the detail more, and it was good to have a different species of dog to paint also.
 Second up was another painting for Becky, this was of her dog Rocky. This took longer than I thought with lots of hair detail emphasising the grey/white hairs. I was glad she liked the painting and I know she has more dogs to paint still !!
 I switched back to pencil for the third piece, a head study of a Great Dane. I used some gouache on the eyes to make them really stand out and added a blue to them just to make it pop a little more.
My final piece just finished is a eye study of a horse. Here I used a watery gouache mix for the eye and also painted in the hair the rest was pencil. Planned work is a Zebra in pencil and then probably back to the dogs as I have a few requests of family dogs to do.