Wednesday, 29 June 2016

New Artwork.

Pug Pencil Drawing
 Requests for dog portraits seem to be increasing at the moment, I have tried to vary the artwork though by using pencil instead of watercolour. I completed a couple previously that turned out well and so I kept to the medium of pencil for a couple of requests from our friend Becky. She wanted two portraits of pets, Bess & Toby, which sadly were not among us anymore. They turned out to be a challenge as the the pictures which I had to work with were quite old and not very detailed, but I was happy with how they came out and pleased that Becky was delighted with them. I then received another request from Becky the week after for her other dogs to be drawn!! all 5 of them!! I shall be starting on the first soon.

 After the commission work I wanted to carry on pencil drawing on black paper, being slightly quicker in creating than watercolour painting it was a good way to build up some work.
 "Midnight" French Bulldog
 "Silver" Gorilla
 "Raven" Labrador Puppy
Staying on black paper I wanted to get some practice in with watercolour/gouache as it seemed to be ages since picking up a paint brush. I chose a side head portrait of a Bulldog and decided to name the piece Winston. Also whilst in Norfolk for the week with my wife Sarah, I had the good news that Tim and Suzanne of Cley Spy, optics outlet in Glandford Norfolk, discussed and decided that they wanted to sell some of my greeting cards in the shop, wow!  All hands on deck now getting some new work submitted for printing as cards.
"Winston" English Bulldog