Thursday, 15 November 2018

Hawkmoth Project Completed.

 As I said in my last post, I was going to start on a project depicting Hawkmoths, and it is now complete. It was a decent sized piece of wood I worked on so I painted the moths a fair size.
 First up was the Convolvulus Hawkmoth, a very large moth that I only saw for the first time this year.
 Next up were two Hawkmoths but of the same species, the Elephant Hawkmoth.

 It was then onto a Poplar Hawkmoth.
 Followed by a Privet Hawkmoth.
 Just 2 more to go, Lime Hawkmoth up next and I love these cammo coloured moths.
 And last of all the Pine Hawkmoth.
 And here is the finished piece, really enjoyed painting these moths, before completing the Pine Hawkmoth I moved onto a commission painting of a Sussex Spaniel, once that was prepped and started I switched back to the Pine Hawkmoth. Sussex Spaniel is coming along well, check out my Instagram account to see the progress : Hairyartist67