Thursday, 26 May 2016

"Bully" for Me.

 Here are my latest two pieces of work, above we have "Bully", a watercolour painting that I predominately completed with a thought of a greeting card. I wanted to try another species of dog and with Bullies very close to my heart I decided to choose that, the size and shape of the painting should lend well to a card design.
The second piece was something totally new to me, drawing on black paper. This was fun and reasonably quick to do. Being on black paper I was only drawing the white and grey highlights, so the subject had to be right and what else other than a black French Bulldog. It seemed weird at first not detailing any of the black areas but I was pleased with the effect and will try some other animals for sure. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


 Just completed my latest piece of work, "Tucker".
My wife Sarah had been harassing me for some time to paint Tucker the French Bulldog, so I finally gave in and here we have it. The photo used was one I took at Holkham in Norfolk last year, the reflection in the eye was of a tree that was nearby and rather than change the look I kept it as it was, the look on the face wouldn't of been right if I had corrected it.