Sunday, 11 August 2019

Busy Times And Artwork Going To New Homes.

 A few months have passed since the May update, and continuing still in May, Sarah and I took part in the first Norfolk Bird Fair at Pensthorpe, we had a selection of Sarah's nature themed shades and lamps which were really received well with some great feedback and sales as well as future orders. Overall we did well and enjoyed meeting some lovely people and fellow art and craft sellers and a favourite for us both was chatting and meeting Bill Oddie.

 Back in the studio I was progressing from one piece to the next, I am getting very fond of Bittern artwork and think it goes so well on the pieces of wood I have, this one looked great on a beautiful piece of cherry.

 Two Common Terns in flight, some of the pieces were slightly larger than the norm but a good project to try bigger work.

 I enjoyed painting these Clearwing moths for a birthday commission, placed on a lovely piece of yew.
 This is Stan, the Dogue de Bordeaux, I photographed him myself so I could make sure I had the detail to portray this gentle giant in all his glory. Such a lovely dog. 

 This Puffin piece got a new home alongside a older Oystercatcher the owner had previously bought from me.

 I moved onto the largest wood art piece I have done to date, a group of 3 Avocets in flight on a piece of cherry wood. I love how this came out.

 These 3 small pieces of yew were completed for The Wallflower and Wallace store in Heydon, Norfolk, a great place to visit.

My next pieces to find a new home consisted of one that had been kept under wraps for some time. Above I am photographed with good friend Rob ( fantastic craft maker, check him out on Instagram as "vintagefairfan") buying this Stoat painting.
And then "Pepper the Pug" portrait was revealed, so pleased to of done this for very good friend Pete, and it looked liked Pepper was pleased with the outcome too.

Yet another Bittern, but a smaller piece on my last piece of yew, this is last completed piece, I will be having to take a trip to the sawmill this week for more wood!
Presently I am undertaking a commission piece that has thrown me from my comfort zone and a real challenge, it may still end up as kindling!!!! 
Images of what it is on the next write up.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Busy with Brush in Hand.

Since my last post I have been busy most days getting as much artwork completed as possible due to art exhibitions. The first was in Trimingham and then the one that is just a week away is Pensthorpe in Norfolk. So time to catch up and show what I have been up to, a lot of the work has been completed on different wood which has been popular.
 A couple of Stoat portraits, the one below was for my brother.

 These coaster sized discs portray Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Blue Tit and Kingfisher.

 I like to get back to the moths when ever I can, this one went to a Gallery along with this Pheasant which took me a long time to finish, the colours of the bird changed as it wrapped around the body, hard work but worth it.

 The bark just adds to the subject on this one of a Nuthatch.
 Spanish Moon Moth and a couple of cheeses with British butterflies on.

 I have been wanting to have a go at a Waxwing for some time so I was happy to get this one completed.
 Puffins, this one was painted on paper this time, then back to the wood with a couple of cropped in butterflies.

 I took the photograph of this Swallow which I recreated on a beautiful piece of wood.
 Moths on paper, these are Garden Tiger and a Swallowtailed Moth.

 More moths on paper for Pensthorpe, a Brimstone moth and a Barred Sallow.
 I then went for something totally different, I thought about doing a compilation of birds of one species a on slender piece of wood to have a hook and wall mount attached for key hangers.
Above is Sparrows, below are finches,
 then thrushes,
 a second set of finches,
 and my last piece just finished comprises Hawkmoths. I am also in the process of a commission piece for a friend of his Pug, but that will stay under wraps until it's finished. So there you have it, a lot of hours with brush in hand and a lot of artwork.

Friday, 1 February 2019

New Work and Rewarding Sales from Glandford.

 It has been a while since posting my latest work, gratefully it has been non-stop and a lot of my work has been sold or was a commission piece. I had some wood art pieces on show and for sale at Birdscapes Gallery in Glandford Norfolk, I was very pleased to of sold 5 of the 7 pieces there indeed.
So lets get onto what I have been painting. Firstly I did a couple of works of a bird I saw along at Salthouse last year, a Stejneger's Stonechat which had to await a DNA result to confirm it was of this species, a real rarity of a bird with only a few records for the country.
 I next painted a quick portrait of a great bird seen in my own village, a Richards Pipit.
 It was straight back to dog portraits again, with a 2nd Sussex Spaniel for the same owner as the previous one and then a Springer Spaniel due to so many people asking for a card design of one.

 I then ventured back to using cut pieces of wood with bark edging. Because I did so well at the Birdscapes Gallery I now needed to get some more work completed to replace them. 
This first small piece is of a Bank Vole. 
 This is a bigger piece of a Red Kite, the shape of the wings fitted just right around the knot.

 This Kingfisher was snapped up straight away when I had finished it.
 The Grey Partridge was a tricky one with its complicated wing feathering.
 Back to Kingfishers again, this was a bigger piece than the last one, I set about making it look perched on the knot.
 Bringing me now to my latest finished piece, a commission piece of a Robin painted on a specific piece of wood supplied by Anne & Ivan whom commissioned me to do it, so different and fun painting on the wood, and I have lots of prepped wood to carry on with more.