Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Spaniard in Norfolk alongside the Birds.

 "Spanish Podenco"
It's been a few weeks since posting up my last lot of artwork, but most days I have been busy in the studio completing new work in time for the art exhibition in the new Trimingham Village Hall. This handsome Spanish Podenco posed for some photos during the Gimingham Dog Show last year, and I have been waiting to paint it since then, and I am very pleased of the outcome.
Next up was a Kingfisher, I used a photograph I had taken quite a few years previous, wanting to keep it as simple as possible to let the bird "pop" out I used a spray gun to give a lightly blurred backdrop of green.  
Keeping with the bird theme I moved onto pebble painting. I completed the above two with the left design being chosen by Val from Leicester, she wanted two of the same and so I finished the other as close as I could to the first, I actually ended up adding a whole lot more work to the first pebble so as to keep it similar. 
And here are the finished pair. I switched over to the wood burning kit to do some key-fobs and also a large piece of writing with paw prints on, these were for the wife Sarah, quickly getting stuff finished in time for the next yard sale.
 "Barn Owl at Cley"
My last piece I have just completed depicts a Barn Owl at Cley, as the light fades silhouetting the Cley Windmill and distant flock of geese. Now I shall be prepping some new work, probably using a few different mediums and probably including more birds, dogs and animals with the hope of maybe a moth or two!

Friday, 2 March 2018

New Artwork Completed.

 Most days have been spent in the studio lately, after the "Frenchie" on the pebble I completed this Red Fox as part of my British Wildlife set using chalk pastels and acrylic.
 The Kingfisher was a commission piece for my little Bruv' James, I went for a largish pebble and only the top half of the bird so as to concentrate more on detail.
The Sussex Spaniel, a breed I hadn't seen before until last year at the Gimmingham Dog show, where I was introduced to 2 of them, I will be painting the other one as soon as a couple of other artworks are finished, one of those was another dog species I was introduced to at the same dog show, the Spanish Podenco.
You can check the progress of that painting on my Instagram site @ Hairyartist67.