Thursday, 7 January 2016

New work despite distractions of the French Bulldog kind!

 Where has the time gone!! The last few months of 2015 just flew by and I tried to keep up with new paintings but was pre-occupied with having to look after the step daughters new puppy....a French Bulldog called Tucker. It seemed I did most of the looking after as I had more days off due to my shift work, and as it turned out whenever I decided to try and paint Tucker wanted to sit on my lap and either gaze out the window or sleep on my lap, not the easiest way to try and cope doing fine line painting! These 2 Zebra were the first to be completed.

 Next up was a request for a Jaguar cub for my youngest brothers daughter Sophie, it had to be done before Xmas as a present. A trip to Berlin with my wife in November and the years end was really approaching, I next planned a challenge in trying to paint a Silverback Gorilla, this took some time to get right and then it was the end of the year. Not having any plans on getting out birding as of yet I set about carrying on in painting mode and now into January have just completed a Rhino portrait, as shown below.

 And pictured here below is the reason for being inadvertently disrupted and delayed in doing stuff.