Saturday, 27 February 2016

Two Bears and a Border. Recent Watercolours.

My painting has been pretty continuous recently, as soon as one is finished I am prepping the next one. I have completed a couple of Grizzly paintings, as always in watercolour. I really fancied trying some bear work and the first painting was a challenge to say the least with another first being fast flowing waters, the grizzly was going to be hunting for salmon. Overall I was quite happy with how the painting came out.
 And zoomed in a bit for details.
My second Grizzly watercolour painting was to be a close up detailed piece of work which I was very happy with when finished.
My last painting I have finished was another new genre, a Border Terrier. I painted this as a close up and only half the dogs face being shown as I wanted to try for a new greeting card design where the cropped edge would form the outer edge of the card, once I have received them through the post I will show how they came out.
Ploughing straight into my next watercolour painting, I am staying with the dog theme for the next couple of paintings so stay tuned for uploaded images once completed.