Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Ashwell Show.August 2015.

 The time had come for the Ashwell Show and to sum it up on the day.....a washout!
So frustrating for everyone involved, but glad some people battled the elements as it rained all day long. Sales did not go to plan and would of been a lot healthier if the weather had been better. Sarah had been baking like a possessed baker getting all the dog treats ready for "Tuckers Treats" stand, they were a success and the samples went down well. Met and chatted to some really nice and complimentary public. The poor youngsters in the horse arena must of been soaked to the skin, and the field soon became waterlogged and a mud slide, but the organising was very good and it was a good experience and nice company with the other exhibitors in the marquee. 

 "Tucker's Treats" Stand.
A worn out and wet Tucker.