Sunday, 13 May 2018

"Black Blue & Grey"

 Time has just flown by recently since I last uploaded some work, I have been starting a new piece as soon as one is finished!
Here are 3 of my recent pieces of artwork, The Raven was a pencil and acrylic composition which highlighted the sheen on the bird, I didn't want to portray the whole of the image only main areas, concentrating on the glossy eye and that huge menacing bill.
 The Kingfisher was a commissioned piece for CleySpy in Glandford. After a few failed attempts at different artwork I settled for the Kingfisher on the post and was a lot more happier when that was completed. It was well received when I showed it to good friend and owner of CleySpy Tim, Suzanne and Andrew too.
The last bit of artwork here is the Grey Wolf, this is a smaller size piece, just under a greeting card size really, which focuses on the eyes of the animal, this is one of a few paintings/drawings that I am doing at the moment, and as of writing, only yesterday I completed the second one of a Tigers eyes. This will be photographed and added on my next update when there should be a third finished also.