Friday, 2 March 2018

New Artwork Completed.

 Most days have been spent in the studio lately, after the "Frenchie" on the pebble I completed this Red Fox as part of my British Wildlife set using chalk pastels and acrylic.
 The Kingfisher was a commission piece for my little Bruv' James, I went for a largish pebble and only the top half of the bird so as to concentrate more on detail.
The Sussex Spaniel, a breed I hadn't seen before until last year at the Gimmingham Dog show, where I was introduced to 2 of them, I will be painting the other one as soon as a couple of other artworks are finished, one of those was another dog species I was introduced to at the same dog show, the Spanish Podenco.
You can check the progress of that painting on my Instagram site @ Hairyartist67.